New Ways to Add & Edit Information in Google Maps

Maybe you noticed there is a slight change to Google Maps. We know Google wants every place, business, restaurant and shop to have the most accurate information available in Google Maps. So now they have rolled out new easy ways to add places as well as suggest some edits on Read More

Will Voice Search Forever Change SEO?

It may sound like it is the end of SEO, but that’s not the case. Voice search is said to be the future of SEO. It is the fastest growing type of search and it is evolving. Siri, Google Now, and Cortana are just the start. Voice Search gets combined Read More

LINKS: The Most Important SEO Factor and What You Need to Know

Links are still one of the most important ranking factors in terms of quality for search results. Remember the top three most important ranking signals revealed by Google? Links + Content + RankBrain. So here are few basic things of what you must know. Tools to find backlinks • Read More

Google’s Recent SERP Changes and Tests: Everything You Need to Know

Google is always making constant changes to improve user experience, especially for speed, usefulness and functionality. In case you haven’t noticed recently, Google appears to be implementing changes and is running multiple tests. Title Tag – Recently, Google appears to be increasing the length for the title tags and titles Read More